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In collaboration with our clinical and translational research colleagues in the region at UCC, the South-South West Hospital Group and Bon Secours, Breakthrough Cancer Research is hosting a one and a half day Translational Cancer Conference on the evening of September 5th and on September 6th. 

This conference is timed to coincide with a 20 year celebration of translational cancer research and the arrival of a new Director of Clinical/Translational Research for the region. The symposium will highlight the latest findings in translational cancer research and brings together researchers and clinicians across a variety of malignancies.  In addition to the local expertise, we have identified a panel of internationally recognised experts that will share the latest developments in their respective fields.

We expect to have attendees involved in translational and clinical research, including clinicians, scientists, industry partners, nurses and policy makers.

Invited Speakers


  • Survivorship
  • Autophagy and Metabolism
  • Tumour Microenvironment
  • Delivery of Cancer Therapeutics
  • Patient Trials
  • Immunotherapy

CPD Credits

There are 8 CPD credits (External Category) for this conference (Approving body RCPI)
Thursday Session (2 Credits) Friday Session (6 Credits)



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