Over 200,000 people In Ireland will get to have Christmas this year, because of cancer research. 200,000 cancer survivors. Buts that’s not enough.

Cancer survivor rates are still cruelly unequal. Only more research can make more survivors faster, and help us achieve 100% survival for 100% of cancers.

Help Make More Christmases and Buy More Time for People with Cancer

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Not so long ago, stage 4 cancer meant the end as there were no effective treatments.  Thanks to cancer research, I have been at stage four for 4.5 years now and I have a really good quality of life.  This would have been unheard of back only a few years ago, then I would have been given 6 months max. But I’m aware that I’m living on borrowed time.  What is currently keeping me alive is going to stop working at some stage.”

“The last few months have been particularly difficult for all cancer patients.  Medics have been amazing at finding ways to treat us, but the reality is that while I was able to get my treatment safely –  which is critical or I wouldn’t be here – the research that will keep me alive into the future has been stalled.  I need researchers to find the next treatment that will buy me more time.  I look to the future quite hopeful that, by the time I need it, there will be another option there for me.  We must fund our future outcomes now. Cancer never takes a break neither can we”

Stage 4 Cancer Patient Kay Curtin.