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Enterprise Partnership Scheme (Postgrad) 2020 - In process

The Irish Research Council’s Enterprise Postgraduate Partnership Scheme supports suitably qualified research master's and doctoral candidates in any discipline working in partnership with academia and industry/charity.  The Council, in partnership with private enterprises (including charities) and eligible public bodies, awards co-funded Postgraduate Scholarships. Students benefit from the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insight into the commercial/organisational arena while completing their scholarship. 

Breakthrough Cancer Research is an eligible enterprise partner for this programme.

The programme is opening on October 21st 2020

***Researchers Interested in partnering with Breakthrough Cancer Research to apply for these schemes should complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form (no later than 16:00 November 2nd).  This EOI will be used to determine if the project could benefit from a partnership with our organisation/charity.

For information about the programme go to this

Download EOI Form

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