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Run Donegal 5K

On: 17 Aug 2020 To: 23 Aug 2020

Run Donegal 5K

Brid Carr, a native of Donegal and a mother of three children was living in London where she worked as a Clinical Nurse Manager in Great Ormond Children’s Hospital.  In 2010 she was feeling unwell and after being misdiagnosed twice, Brid received a diagnosis of stage III Ovarian cancer.

Brid lived with ovarian cancer for four years, receiving a number of treatments during this time.  Unfortunately, Brid passed away from ovarian cancer in October 2014.  Before she died, Brid requested that her family including her husband Seamus and sister Rosemary, do some fundraising to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and funds to support ovarian cancer research

They began this in 2015, and along with other fundraising activities and support, Rundonegal Womans 5K made the Brid Carr Ovarian Cancer Research Fund a beneficiary in 2015, 2017, 2019 and again in 2020.  This fund has to date funded a 4 year PhD research project in University College Cork, under the supervision of Dr Sharon McKenna. 

A major challenge in the clinical management of Ovarian Cancer is the high rate of disease recurrence. Approximately 80% of women whom exhibit an excellent response to first line therapy will present again with recurrent disease.  Response to second line & subsequent therapies is often sub-optimal and thus overall 5 year survival remains at 40%.  There is therefore an urgent need to develop new approaches to treat both primary and recurrent ovarian cancer.  The PhD student supported by the Brid Carr Ovarian Cancer Fund, Jennifer Quinn has been investigating the mechanisms by which ovarian cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy. 

This new research project should further improve our understanding and advance the possibility of a clinical trial with ovarian cancer patients.

This year the Run Donegal Womens 5K event will be virtual because of the Covid19 restrictions. This means that anyone can take part, anywhere in the world, at a time that suits each individual or group.    Entries are still being taken. 

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