Declan Soden

Dr. Declan Soden



Declan has worked in the area of targeted gene and drug delivery to tumours for the last decade. In that time his group has initiated 3 novel Phase I clinical trials, and currently over 350 patients have received a novel form of therapy for inoperable skin cancers. They have developed a device for the electroporation/permeabilisation of gastrointestinal tract cancers which facilitates a significant improvement in local drug or DNA absorption without the normally associated systemic side effects.

-Patented medical devices for the minimally invasive electroporation assisted ablation of internal cancers
-Awarded Irish Medicines Board approval to commence a Phase I trial using a new endoscopic system to treat colorectal cancer (November 2009) and lung cancer (April 2011).
-Awarded Innovation of the Year award for 2011 based on Lung cancer work.