Qualtrics Partners with Breakthrough to invest in cures for the hardest to treat cancers

Posted on: 13 Dec 2017

Qualtrics Partners with Breakthrough to invest in cures for the hardest to treat cancers

Qualtrics, the leader in experience management, has announced a partnership with Irish cancer research charity, Breakthrough Cancer Research (Breakthrough) in a bid to invest €500,000 in a cure for the hardest to treat cancers.

The aim of the partnership is to hire a research team to spearhead Breakthrough’s tumour immunology programme.  Members of the public are being asked to donate just €5 to the 5 for the Fight campaign, which will be matched by Qualtrics.

“The worst day for a patient and their family isn't the day they are diagnosed with cancer,” says Orla Dolan, CEO of Breakthrough.  “It is the day when they are told there’s nothing left to try; that the treatments available won’t work. That’s the day we want to take away.

“While cancer survival rates have increased and treatments have improved for many types of cancer,this is not the case for all . Unfortunately, there are some cancers such as pancreatic and ovarian which we haven’t seen any improvement in survival rates for over 20 years.”

The three year research programme funded by Qualtrics and Breakthrough will look to harness the immune system to eradicate cancer, with a particular focus on cancers with typically poor prognoses.

The partnership with Breakthrough is part of Qualtrics’ global 5 For The Fight campaign which aims to $50M for cancer research and treatment.  Qualtrics’ European effort will be led from its EMEA HQ in Dublin, and the company has committed to matching the first €100,000 raised.

Sarah Argue, Learning and Development Manager at Qualtrics says: “By 2020, 1 in 2 people will be affected by cancer. At Qualtrics we made a commitment early on that if we were successful as a company, we would put everything we could into helping to find a cure.

“Awareness isn’t enough - we need research to find the cure and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Breakthrough Cancer Research. It’s an opportunity to invest in the scientists that will work to find it and every milestone we hit means an extra person can be hired to that team so they get to that cure faster.”

To support this campaign, please donate here.


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