Support Our Christmas Appeal

Posted on: 13 Dec 2016

Support Our Christmas Appeal


Thank you to everyone who is supporting our Christmas Appeal, currently taking place in December.


Clinical Nurses are the unsung heroes of cancer research, and we couldn’t do it without their support. That's why they now need your support.


We have just come through a period of incredible achievement in terms of research breakthroughs. So many of our research streams have been successful in the lab, that we now have a total of 4 treatments at patient trials and another 6 treatments in various stages of pre-trial testing. That could mean a total of 10 active patient trials running concurrently within the near future.


This is great news. However, we currently have just one part time Clinical Trials Nurse. A role that is absolutely pivotal to the successful management of patient trials.


In order to avoid a crippling logjam in our patient trials, we must recruit a new Clinical Trials Nurse as a matter of priority and so our Winter Appeal this year is seeking our supporters help to do this.


Our Clinical Trials Nurse is the unsung heroes of our cancer research, and we could not continue our trials without her. She plays a pivotal role in our patients treatments and supports them in more than just medial nursing.


As one of our patient’s puts it,  “She is my strength. She gave me the courage to keep going”


To support our Winter Appeal and ensure our cancer trials can continue, please donate here.


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