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Effect of a novel drug and electroporation on melanoma and intratumoural immune cells on cell viability and function

By: Frances Drummond | Posted on: 07 Sep 2019

Effect of a novel drug and electroporation on melanoma and intratumoural immune cells on cell viability and function
Dr Liam Tremble



Start year: 2019

Principal Investigator: Dr Patrick Forde 

Lead researcher: Dr Liam Tremble

Institution: University College Cork and Trinity college Dublin

Grant funding: BCR project grant 

Cancer type: Melanoma

Linked Breakthrough Research Priorities: 2, 4


Dr Liam Tremble has recently been awarded his PhD from University College Cork.  Liam is continuing this collaborative study between University College Cork and the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences in St James’ Hospital, Dublin investigating a novel drug in combination with electroporation as a treatment for melanoma.  

There are more than 1000 new cases of melanoma diagnosed every year in Ireland, and more than 150 people die from melanoma annually

Traditionally, electroporation has been used in combination with bleomycin.  However, bleomycin is a toxic compound that commonly induces lung fibrosis as a side effect of treatment. 

New treatment combinations have used non-toxic compounds with electroporation, without any reduction in effectiveness. This project is investigating how effective these treatments are against melanoma, and is working to understand their effect on a cellular level so that we can better treat patients.



Tremble LF, Moore AC, Forde PF.  Melanoma-conditioned medium promotes cytotoxic immune responses by murine bone marrow-derived monocytes despite their expression of 'M2' markers. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2019 Sep;68(9):1455-1465. doi: 10.1007/s00262-019-02381-1. 

Tremble LF, O'Brien MA, Soden DM, Forde PF Electrochemotherapy with cisplatin increases survival and induces immunogenic responses in murine models of lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Cancer Lett. 2019 Feb 1;442:475-482. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2018.11.015. 

Tremble LF, O'Brien MA, Forde PF, Soden DM. ICOS activation in combination with electrochemotherapy generates effective anti-cancer immunological responses in murine models of primary, secondary and metastatic disease. Cancer Lett. 2018 Apr 28;420:109-115. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2018.01.081.



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