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Enhancing electroporation delivery for pancreatic cancer

Posted on: 21 Mar 2019

Enhancing electroporation delivery for pancreatic cancer

Principal Investigator: Dr. Patrick Forde

Researcher: Katie Cooke 

Research kindly supported by the Teddy Daly Memorial Climb 


Project Summary: 

The project aims to develop a therapy that has the ability to overcome treatment resistance in pancreatic cancer.

A panel of pancreatic cancer cells have been selected and theses will be tested for their sensitivity and resistance to commonly used chemotherapy drugs such as Gemcitabine. Once the cells sensitivity and resistance has been identified electrochemotherapy (ECT) will be applied to improve upon the response rate of these resistance cells.

ECT combines electroporation with chemotherapy drugs allowing for a more of the chemotherapy to be delivered inside the cells. We will also combine cancer cell cycle modulators to improve upon the resistance by slowing down the cells from dividing and multiplying. The slowdown in cell division makes cancer cells more susceptible to electrochemotherapy. The overall goal is to develop a clinical relevant protocol that can be used in patients to treat resistant pancreatic cancer.

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