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Nutrition and cancer: investigating the information experience?

By: Frances Drummond | Posted on: 06 Nov 2018

Nutrition and cancer: investigating the information experience?
Dr Amy Mullee


Start year:2018

Principal Investigator: Dr Amy Mullee

Institution: University college Dublin

Grant funding: BCR project grant

Linked Breakthrough Research Priorities:  6 


In Ireland there is a shortage of dietitians, cancer patients need expert nutritional advice and treatment. The lack of reliable advice, together with a desire for information, can lead people with cancer to seek out information themselves from sources including television, books, and the internet. Many people with cancer arrive for treatments on a range of diets. Many diets are not proven to work and can often interfere with treatment.


The aim of Amy’s research is to look at all the dietary or nutritional information that people with cancer in Ireland access or receive from others, and to find out what they need for nutritional care and support.


We will invite people what have or have had cancer to complete a survey online. The survey will ask some details about them, the nutrition care they received, the nutrition information they have read, and their needs in relation to nutrition, diet, and cancer. 


If you would like to take part, please complete the survey at the link below. 


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