Dr Aisling McMahon

This project uses expert interviews and doctrinal research to investigate the legal and ethical issues around delivering access to advanced cancer therapies, focusing on Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Immunotherapy (CAR-T). CAR-T therapy involves isolating a patient’s T-cells, which are engineered to attack the patient’s cancer cells when placed back into the body. It offers immense potential for cancer-care, and where successful can lead to full remission of cancer. However, CAR-T therapy can also pose risks of life-threatening side-effects in some cases, and careful choices around who would benefit from access to such therapies are needed. Furthermore, due to the costs of CAR-T therapy it is not currently accessible to all patients. This project examines the legal and ethical issues around the provision of and access to CAR-T therapies for patients.

Dr Aisling McMahon
Maynooth University
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Irish Resear Council New Foundations Scheme with Breakthrough as the charity partner
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