Breakthrough Stories


15 years ago, I'd have lost my life. Five years ago, I'd have lost my foot. TODAY, I've been able to keep living my life..thanks to a groundbreaking new cancer treatment developed by research. Read more

By Ann on 03 December 2019


Debbie is in her 50’s and was diagnosed last March with small cell lung cancer. Read her story about her symptoms, diagnosis and what she wishes she had known before... Read more

By Debbie on 28 November 2019


Wife, Mother & Stage 4 Cancer Patient supports Breakthrough. Read more to find out how and why... Read more

By Kay Curtin on 15 November 2019


Read how Peter is supporting Breakthroughs through the 5 For The Fight campaign at his company Qualtrics.. Read more

By Peter McGreevy on 15 November 2019


Read why Michelle supported Breakthrough Cancer Research.... Read more

By Michelle Slattery on 15 November 2019


Read about Joanie's story... Read more

By Joanie Hanley on 05 July 2016

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