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World GO Day (A Focus on Gynaecological Cancers)

GOfor action now to impact the future – a world without gynaecological cancers!Dr. Anne Moore: Go Day Talk on HPV Vaccine

On World Gynaecologic Oncology Day and in the midst of a global pandemic, Ireland’s foremost Gynaecological Cancer Campaigners, Researchers and Patient Advocates are advising women across Ireland not to ignore the warning signs of Gynaecological Cancers and to prevent those cancers where a vaccination is available

World Go Day is an annual awareness day dedicated to elevating public understanding of gynaecological cancers and highlighting the risk factors, symptoms, early detection and prevention strategies related to the main types of gynaecological cancers that impact women: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar. Over 1400 gynaecological cancers are diagnosed in Ireland annually (NCRI 2019 Annual Report), representing over 12% of female cancers.

Early diagnosis, prevention and treatment are vital and Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist and National Cancer Control Programme lead for women’s cancer, Dr. Michael O’Leary is advising that -

"It remains vitally important that women liaise with their health care providers if they have any concerns about their reproductive health. Early diagnosis of gynaecological cancers remains the best chance of successful treatment. The HPV vaccine can protect against some of these gynaecological cancers so it is important for girls and boys in first year of secondary school to avail of this vaccine”

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Dr. Dearbhaile Collins Talk - Focus on Gynaecological Cancers (including Incidence, Management)


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