Every part of our body is made up of small units called cells.  These cells are constantly growing, dividing, dying off and being replaced.  This cycle is essential for the human body to function and is very tightly controlled in healthy individuals.

Cancer occurs when a build up of genetic changes cause the body’s cells divide and multiply without control.  Cancerous cells rapidly split and copy themselves which results in many new cancerous cells being formed. This uncontrollable growth causes cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body. These cells do not die off as normal cells do, and eventually these accumulating cancer cells form lumps or tumours.

Cancer can occur anywhere in the body and there are many different forms. Each type of cancer will have a unique effect on the body and will cause different symptoms in different people.

In this section we explore subjects like cancer prevention, cancer myths, explore scientific concepts and new avenues we are pursuing in research but all with a focus on cancer.

The new frontier in fighting cancer: Immuno-therapies

How immunotherapies harness the immune system to attack cancer but why we need more research to make this powerful approach work for more patients

How Developing a Covid-19 Vaccine Mirrors Cancer Research

Our CEO Orla Dolan explains the process of developing a vaccine and gives an update on where we are now, in the development of a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

Replacing Chemo with Calcium for Skin Cancer Treatments

Novel treatment for skin cancers uses a technique called Electroporation in combination with calcium replacing of the existing combination of this technology with chemotherapy.