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Your donation for research will help Buy Back Time for cancer patients.

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We are calling on the public to once again support the medical profession, but this time - instead of donating food and cosmetics - we are looking for support for our patients.  There's no vaccine for Covid yet but there are new treatments for cancer being developed all the time and increased funding can help get them to patients sooner. We have to bring down the statistic of one patient dying from cancer every hour of every day.

New treatment options have never been more important.  In addition to being particularly vulnerable to the virus and experiencing months of isolation, cancer patients’ treatments were disrupted, screening programmes were delayed and many people avoided investigating new symptoms during the lockdown, as they were either too scared to go to their GP or they didn’t want to burden the healthcare system. This has led to a delay in cancer diagnoses, meaning that some people are now presenting with more advanced cancer and therefore more difficult to treat.

“Research and clinical trials for new and better cancer treatments were also put on hold for months.  That could be months too late for one of our patients …and cost them years of their life.  We want to help Breakthrough Cancer Research raise money to fund new treatments that will buy more time for our patients and save more lives, now and in the future. Never more has it needed the support from the public by way of fundraising and donations. Every second counts.  We don’t want to lose any more time or any more people."

Dr.Dearbhaile Collins, Medical Oncologist, Clinical Researcher and Lead for Clinical Trials Cork.

Not so long ago, stage 4 cancer meant the end as there were no effective treatments.  Thanks to cancer research, I have been at stage four for 4.5 years now and I have a really good quality of life.  This would have been unheard of back only a few years ago, then I would have been given 6 months max. But I’m aware that I’m living on borrowed time.  What is currently keeping me alive is going to stop working at some stage.”

“The last few months have been particularly difficult for all cancer patients.  Medics have been amazing at finding ways to treat us, but the reality is that while I was able to get my treatment safely -  which is critical or I wouldn’t be here - the research that will keep me alive into the future has been stalled.  I need researchers to find the next treatment that will buy me more time.  I look to the future quite hopeful that, by the time I need it, there will be another option there for me.  We must fund our future outcomes now. Cancer never takes a break neither can we”

Stage 4 Cancer Patient Kay Curtin.


How my donation will help

Our dedicated scientists are working hard to discover and develop new treatments for the poorest prognosis cancers, but they need your help. Your donations will go to fund our main research themes which include:

  1. Electrochemotherapy & Immunotherapy
  2. Autophagy
  3. Gene Therapy
  4. Cancer and Nutrition

Additionally, a donation can help us fund much needed supplies including:

€10 pays for 100ml of Penicillin-Streptomyces solution

Essential for the control of infection and maintaining sterile growth conditions for tumour cells in the laboratory.

€25 pays for 4x 100ml bottles if Essential Amino Acid solution

These are used for storage of cells in our -80deg. freezer, for use in the future.

€50 pays for 15 bottles of a Special Medium

Required to support the culture of tumour cells in the laboratory.

€100 pays for 50 litres of Liquid Nitrogen

Necessary to facilitate freezing tumour cell samples for long-term storage in a cancer bio-bank.

€200 pays for a kit that will isolate DNA from cells

This allows us to determine the processes happening at a genetic level in the cancer cell and will test 200 samples

€500 pays for an antibody

Used to identify and visualize the different components of the human cancer cell. Antibodies can also be used to identify specific cells of the immune system and determine their role in attacking cancer cells following treatment.

None of our research would be possible without the support of the generous public who truly are an essential part of our team.  We have many research projects to tackle different types of cancer and you support helps fund them.

  • 1 year of a research project costs €40,000
  • 1 month of a research project costs €3,333
  • 1 week of a research project costs €833
  • 1 day of a research project costs €166

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