Research breakthroughs can give people their lives back, but too many cancer patients are still waiting for one for them. Watch our powerful film featuring patient in treatment Lucy Fahy and imagine what it must be like to be waiting too.

Only more research can find new treatments faster.

Let’s come together to make the difference for patients now and in the future.

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Everyone is now in crisis, no matter their situation, so it almost feels like people are playing catch up to where patients with cancer were already. Living under threat, practicing hygiene, fearing infection, having all certainty of the future ripped away are all normal for anyone who has gone through something like cancer so now everyone’s getting a glimpse of how that is too. I suppose the main thing Covid has done for those in cancer treatment is to add extra layers of uncertainty and to make an already difficult thing that bit more difficult.

Covid has made my world much smaller, which has intensified my cancer experience. It feels like all at once, every single coping mechanism carefully developed over time was suddenly removed and what was left was the illness, then this whole new threat on top.  Now there is nowhere to run to, no normality to escape into.”

Lucy Fahy, patient with cancer.

“Research is working. The new treatment I am on is very different from the treatments I had when I was first diagnosed 13 years ago. And I have been advised that if this one does not work, there will be something else I can try.  It’s very reassuring to know there are treatments there for me, and that is because of research.”

Sandie O’Neill, patient with cancer.